Friday, November 01, 2002


5am – 6: Daily prayers.

6 – 6:30: For breakfast, manna, my favorite, as usual.

6:30 – 7: Communal bath. Yesterday we had lukewarm water. This morning’s is about as warm.

7 – 7:15: Dressing up. It is my birthday today, and I find a new dress in my closet. It looks so special, I feel as if it was made only for me. I rush to our prayer grounds to display it. To my disappointment everybody else is wearing the same white duster.

7:15 – 9:30: We praise and worship God for His righteousness, might, and humility.

9:30 – 11: We adore God some more.

11 – 12pm: We are given a choice during lunch: A plate full of The Body of Christ or a plate half-full of The Body of Christ. We are given a chance to choose like this every forty days. I go for a plate half-full of The Body of Christ.

12 – 3: Siesta. The Son also rises. Jesus awakes us from our rest to hear Him preach. Today He continues listing the beatitudes. He has been at this for six hundred sixty six days, but I am nevertheless thankful, for I am so blessed.   

3 – 3:15: Partners for today’s sex session are announced. These pairings are random, but (isn’t it eerie?), I am again matched with my wife. Why complain though?

3:15 – 3:20: Sex.

3:20 – 6: More prayers. A new song and dance routine is introduced. “I love God.” Left foot out. “I love God.” Left foot in. “I love God.” Right foot out. “I love God.” Right foot in. It is a bit hard, but for the Lord I try my best.

6 – 6:30: Dinner. Roast Lamb of God! Again!

6:30 – 7: We celebrate Good’s triumph over Evil.

7 – 7:30: We celebrate Light’s triumph over Darkness.

7:30 – 8: We celebrate Order’s triumph over Chaos.

8 – 12am: Evening prayers. To keep us lively, drinks of all kinds are distributed. After much self-debating, I take coffee over The Blood of Christ.  TBOC tends to make me feel sleepy, and we still have a long way to go.

12 – 5: We are sent to our quarters to meditate on God’s generosity. I find that my bed has been slept on, my mother’s too. My father’s as well. There will be an investigation, I am promised, but I doubt it’ll amount to anything. Jesus tells me not to let all this excitement scare me. He tells me I should be glad. In Hell, they torture people.

November 2002